Sewer Line Repair and Replacement Plumbers in Burbank

If you’re worried about a rising water bill, a sewer line problem could be a real problem for you. Sewer line damage can also result in gurgling sounds coming from your drain or sink. If you notice any of these symptoms, you may want to call in a professional plumber from Candu Plumbing Plumbers in Burbank. This company offers a wide range of plumbing services, including sewer line repair, replacement, and cured-in-place lining.

Trenchless sewer pipe repair

You can’t ignore your sewer lines if they have a problem. Even a small back-up of sewage can cause serious damage. Even a persistent clog in a toilet can require sewer repair in Burbank, CA. Calling a plumber for sewer repairs in Burbank will ensure that your pipes are repaired properly and quickly. Plumbing professionals in Burbank can help you get your water bills back on track.

Trenchless sewer repair and replacement plumbing services are beneficial because they don’t involve digging up your yard. A plumber who uses this technique only needs 2 access points and a cable to feed it from one end to the other. Because trenchless pipe replacement doesn’t require digging, your lawn will be safe. Trenchless sewer pipe repair can also save you money and time. Moreover, you can get trenchless sewer pipe repair and replacement from the same plumber who installs your water lines.

Pipe bursting

There are two methods of sewer line repair and replacement – traditional excavation and pipe bursting. The former involves digging up the old sewer line with heavy equipment, then using professionals to fill in the trench above the old pipe. The latter uses a pipe bursting tool to identify the exact problem, then remove the existing pipe and replace it with a new one. In both cases, the process can take as little as one day.

The traditional methods of sewer line repair and replacement involve extensive digging, exposing homeowners to dangerous materials like asbestos and mold. The pipe bursting technique avoids these dangers by using the existing sewer line without destroying landscaping. This method also minimizes the amount of debris and mess that is left behind. This method is more environmentally-friendly, too, as it does not require digging up the property. While the traditional method of sewer line repair and replacement requires a considerable amount of time, pipe bursting eliminates the need for excavation, meaning less risk around the site.

Cured-In-Place lining

When it comes to sewer line repair and replacement, cured-in-place lining has several advantages. The process is fast and easy, and requires no digging or extensive repairing of walls, floors, or ceilings. And unlike conventional pipe replacement, this process fixes the problem for the long term by preventing corrosion and reducing leakage risk. Here are the benefits of this method.

CIPP is easier to install and quicker than other types of plastic pipe. Because CIPP is made in a factory, it does not contain the toxic byproducts that are present in traditional pipe installation. The process of installing CIPP requires bypassing the current flow through the pipeline during installation, which may take from five to 30 hours, depending on pipe diameter. During this process, the pipe should be free of obstructions, as a residual chemical odor may affect indoor air quality. CIPP liners are typically made of felt or composite tubes embedded with resin. They go through a chemical curing process to become plastic. This process is messy, as plumes of material can be created during the installation process.

Unlike pipe coating, CIPP is more effective in larger, longer pipes. This type of lining also has more advantages than disadvantages. While pipe coating is a common option for sewer rehabilitation, it is not effective on pipes more than 100 feet long. Its disadvantage is that the lining material cannot be molded to bend around bends without wrinkling, causing friction as the waste moves through the pipe.

Rooter-Man Plumbing

If your home or business has a backed-up sewer line, you should be aware of the potential dangers it poses. Sewage line problems can not only expose you to pathogens and microbes, but may also put you at risk of legal liability. To avoid these problems, call a professional sewer line repair and replacement plumber in Burbank. These experts can perform a thorough inspection of your sewer line to determine if it is time to have it replaced.

Rooter-Man Plumbing is a family-owned, licensed, and insured plumbing service. They serve the greater Los Angeles area, including Burbank. Call-A-Pro matches customers with plumbers who specialize in their areas of need. Their team specializes in gas and water pipe repair and installation, hot water system repair, and septic tank installation. Aside from plumbing, these professionals also install water-saving fixtures and septic tanks.

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